There’s no perfect way to measure an achievement like 25 years in business. Some might tell us to measure our accomplishment in our successes. They might suggest we round to the nearest dollar and see just how much these 25 years have been worth. But as a paper company, we have a slightly different rule of measure. If asked, we would tell you that our 25 years could be summed up as 6,500 days that we have crossed our fingers and prayed for no paper jams. We might recall the 260,000 hours worked with customers and employees that feel more like family. Or we could quantify our time as 5 million greeting cards all printed with the hope of providing a meal to those who truly need it. But no matter how you look at it, 25 years really only boils down to two words: Thank you.
Love, Pat and Pete, Pam and Tim, Cathy and Carlos