Monica Sabolla Gruppo

Born and raised in Italy, artist Monica Sabolla Gruppo inherited her love for brushes and colors from her maternal grandfather, an award- winning painter. She has spent the last 20 years nurturing her creative soul full- time through painting, crafting and photography, always growing and evolving, experimenting and trying new techniques until she decided to answer her calling and devote herself to painting as a profession. Her work is tremendously inspired by her insane passion for life, colors, and nature. Brush in hand or through her lens, Monica loves to capture the vibrant, colorful beauty that surrounds her, and to share emotions from the garden of her heart. Her always inspired and positive attitude, and the little girl that never ceases to marvel and finds deep joy in the little things, shows in her work. Her soulful mixed-media paintings exude messages of hope, love and goodness, while her bright watercolors and sweet characters are sure to delight and touch hearts. Monica lives with her beloved husband and their sweet Golden Retriever, and is passionate about infusing creativity, beauty and inspiration into every aspect of her life.

"I strongly believe in the transformative power of gratitude and in the healing power of art, and that doing what you're called to do in this life is mandatory. It may take a while to listen to the inner whispers, but once you've discovered what you were meant to do- and devote yourself to it- the joy you feel is so deep and huge that you simply cannot hold it for yourself and have to share it with the world."

Designs by Monica Sabolla Gruppo