Sarah Gardner

Sarah Gardner is a UK based Fine Art Photographer who studied at the Nottingham Trent University. Sarah graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and it during these studies that Sarah discovered a passion for photography. During her early studies in the darkroom Sarah started to consider and explore the idea of layering negatives together to create multi layered imagery. Upon graduation Sarah embarked on a successful career in Marketing and was fortunate enough to work with some of her countries leading creative agencies. After taking a career break to raise her family Sarah returned to her love of Photography in 2008, this time swapping the darkroom for a computer and film for pixels. This transition to digital photography opened up new creative possibilities that had captivated Sarah's imagination some 12 years prior. By 2010 Sarah had established a successful photography business, exhibited her work and launched her first collection of photographic Textures. Today designing and creating her own unique Textures provides Sarah with the complete tools required to process her photography. She has established an inspirational portfolio of work and continues to pursue her love and passion for Fine Art photography.
Designs by Sarah Gardner