Tammy Apple

Tammy has had an appreciation for the written word as well as all things bright and beautiful for as long as she can remember, but it was her degree in graphic design from Indiana University that opened up the perfect medium for her to combine these passions. Early in her art career, she discovered collage and has explored this avenue of expression ever since, whether in tactile or electronic form. Tammy began her art career in the greeting card and home products industries. Several years later she took the leap of faith to start her own graphic design studio, where she has thrived for the last 14 years. While designing logos, brochures, and other marketing work is fulfilling and helps to pay the bills, it is her inspirational design work that has allowed her to make a living by expressing things that hold special meaning to her. She feels extremely blessed to be able to do work that feels more like play, and also derives great satisfaction from the hope that her designs might uplift others. She is ever on the look-out for anything collage-worthy and always travels with camera in tow. Her love of gardening also finds expression in many of her designs by way of a scanned flower, leaf, branch, or photo from her garden or travels. ©Tammy Apple/Next Day Art
Designs by Tammy Apple