Tina Wenke

Tina Wenke's charming illustrations and loveable characters can be found on many kinds of products throughout the world. From such items as greeting cards, clear stamps, decoupage papers to gift books, embroidery, and party papers.

While Tina paints mainly in watercolors, she loves to experiment with different mediums. Her style is warmhearted, whimsical and timeless.

It seems quite natural then that Tina’s childhood dream was to become an artist and illustrate from her own experiences. "I decided at the age of five I wanted to become an artist. My uncle was a sign designer and I would climb up onto his tall chair and sit at his artist's easel and draw for hours. My favorite artists were the French Impressionist, especially Degas and Renoir. My favorite Illustrator has always been Beatrix Potter."

Tina has always put her heart into developing new ideas. She paints from a home studio and likes working directly with clients. She truly enjoys her work and pursues each project with great enthusiasm. "Being an artist is the best job ever because creating never really feels like work!"

Designs by Tina Wenke