Mollie B.

Mollie B. Art is the creative collaboration of friends and fellow graphic artists, Terri Morris and Amanda Purcell. Terri was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Amanda, a native Texan, now resides in Nashville as well. Both ladies knew from an early age they wanted to pursue careers in a creative field. Terri was a cake artist early in her career while studying art and painting. She also ran her own sign painting and lettering business for several years, eventually choosing graphic design as a career. Amanda attended a private art school and earned her BFA in Graphic Art. After meeting and working together at an agency, the two decided to team up and pursue licensed art as another creative avenue. In addition to working on licensed art, they have since opened their own agency, Mollie B. Creative, where they work on a variety of projects including branding, CD covers, websites and advertising. Both ladies share a love of Christ and a passion for art. They feel very blessed to be actively working their chosen career field and are looking forward to what the future holds. When Terri isn't working, she and her husband Gary enjoy camping, riding their horses and music. In her free time, Amanda can be found traveling, cooking, hiking, and spending time with her husband and their dog. ©Mollie B., license granted by Penny Lane Publishing, Inc.
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