Amylee Weeks

Amylee Weeks has had one staple in her life -- creating. In high school, it was writing. In college, it was one craft creation after another. After business college and a few years later (13 yrs to be exact) Amylee followed her heart's calling and enrolled in The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Amy credits the discipline of college that kept her dabbling in many different art forms at the busiest time of her life! She was married, raising 2 babies, and working full time while attending college. If it wasn’t for the many class projects, she probably would’ve let the laundry and dishes and everything else take over her life... and art would’ve taken a back seat. Amylee’s faith is combined with her artwork – and it wasn’t until she found this combination that everything just started pouring out of her heart. She explains, “I can remember sitting at my kitchen table, in front of my computer, working on a class assignment. In true ‘Amylee’ fashion, I got sidetracked and just started doodling. I had my Bible open, and used one of my favorite verses. I doodled and typographed (not really a word, I know) – and out came my first scripture tree. After that, well, the rest is history.” Amylee is happiest at her colorful and full-of-fun home, with her Bible open – and you guessed it, CREATING. She lives in Norwalk, Iowa, with her best friend and husband, Ryan, and their two daughters (Morgan, 8 and Ashley, 6). In addition to Amylee’s creative spirit, her home is full of creations by her daughters as well as her husband who is a master finish carpenter. She is an Iowa girl – born and raised! In addition to her love of her family, her Lord, and creating art – she is a coffee snob (nicknamed by her husband after she refused to drink gas station coffee), an avid bluegrass music fan, and in love with everything country (minus the bugs).
Designs by Amylee Weeks