Louise Carey

It's Louise Carey's love for music that started her successful career in the visual arts. Already in her young life, the Ireland native has fronted three rock bands. It was in this environment that she first began to explore art and design, creating CD covers, flyers and posters for bands. Entirely self taught, Louise began taking on small freelance projects, soon after launching a website selling her own original designs for apparel and accessories. This early success ultimately led to her working as a graphic artist on several feature films where she designed merchandise, websites and publicity materials. Currently Louise creates original artwork for licensed products ranging from wall décor to home accessories. Her unique style is inspired by American pop culture, music, fashion trends and home decorating. Her artwork has been praised by buyers and designers alike, and her fresh approach to the graphic arts has allowed her to stand out in the industry. You can find Louise’s imagery on products featured in numerous retail stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. ©Louise Carey, Courtesy of MHS Licensing
Designs by Louise Carey