Stacey Yacula

I grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario, Canada, where our winters were long and we had an endless abundance of snow. As kids we spent many days building snowmen and forts, skating on outdoor rinks, sliding and having many hot chocolaty days! But as soon as the snow melted, I spent my childhood weekends and summer holidays at our remote family cottage. It was here that I was allowed to play, create, daydream, explore and be carefree. It was here that my family built memories. It was here that I received my greatest and deepest influences that have always shaped my creativity.Pursuing an art career was never in doubt, thanks to my mother who was, and still is, a great source of love and encouragement for my creativity. After graduating from Ryerson University, I spent many years working as a graphic designer and freelancer for several design studios. Thanks to my experiences raising my own children, I am intrigued by the innocence and sense of discovery children possess, and how they have this uncanny ability to take in our world with such a sense of purity. If we allow them, they can easily draw adults back into this place of wonderment, so we may recapture a glimpse of this once again. I currently live in Ontario, Canada, with my sweet husband and our three sons who continue to inspire me. On most days you will find me in my quaint little studio not far off the beaten path of my busy family life. It allows me to stay close to both of my life’s passions; my family and my art. Over the years I have continued to return to the family cottage as often as I possibly could. It has continued to feed my creative soul and no matter where I go, I keep the spirit of our little place in the woods tucked safely in the pocket of my heart! There are no words to describe the delight I feel when I create and how deeply grateful I am that my art brings smiles to others along the way.
Designs by Stacey Yacula