Karen Cruden

Karen Cruden combines inspiration from the ‘little things’ in life with her unique style of folk art to create her very own whimsical, spirited artwork. Karen was an art teacher who grew up with the love of art all around her. “The children I taught gave me the gift of creating from my heart,” says Karen, noting how their innocence and carefree spirits were reflected in their artwork. Karen’s dad was also an accomplished artist who instilled a love for art in her heart and still inspires her creations today. Although Karen’s children and husband keep her busy with all sorts of activities and interests, she makes time to look around and observe subjects for her next creation. “Inspiration comes to me in the words people say, a glance at an old book and the events that surround all our lives.” This is all part of the imaginative process of blending heart and artful hand that infuses Karen’s artwork with a feeling of warmth and child-like delight. “I hope you find laughter, hope and love in my collection of life’s little moments.” @Karen Cruden, licensed through Linda McDonald, Inc.
Designs by Karen Cruden