Beth Yarbrough

American artist, Beth Yarbrough, began her career in the giftware industry in 1982 when she and husband, Joe, founded a wholesale company for the purposes of marketing and selling her sculpted designs to retailers nationwide. The company enjoyed great success, and in 1995, Beth was invited to Walt Disney World in Orlando as Guest Artist for a week of promotional signings of her work in several locations throughout the Disney Parks. In 1996, Beth returned to her first love, painting. Since then, she has developed a large portfolio of designs tailored to fit a broad cross section of the retailing industry, from textiles to decorative accessories to specialty giftware. Beth's formal training in art consists of nine years of private instruction in drawing and painting. The inspiration for her work comes from her family, her pets, her love of collecting, her travels, and the rich North Carolina landscape, which has been home to her ancestors since before the Revolutionary War. She still lives and works in the small North Carolina town of Lincolnton, where she was born. She says, "I believe that all talent is a gift from God, and I am privileged to be allowed to share what He has given me with other people. If, through my work, I can bring a smile or a laugh into someones day, then I consider that a small gift given back to Him." Beth Yarbrough licensed through Linda McDonald, Inc.
Designs by Beth Yarbrough