Hautman Brothers

The Hautman Brothers have established themselves as America's foremost family of wildlife artists. The three brothers have received numerous honors and awards, and have been a dominating presence in many state and national duck stamp competitions. At last count, the three brothers have seen their art featured on over 50 state and federal conservation stamps. Joe, Bob and Jim are the only brothers to win the prestigious Federal Duck Stamp Contest - which they have now won 10 times! Joe Hautman's first experience as a professional artist came after he won the Federal Duck Stamp contest in 1991. Although he had never sold a painting, he suddenly found himself visiting President George H. Bush in the Oval office, and receiving honors for his artistic achievements. Joe again won the Federal contest for the 2002 and 2008 duck stamps, and recently became a four-time winner with his rendition of a drake wood duck which will be on the 2012 stamp. Robert Hautman's winning pintail design was his second image to be chosen as a Federal Duck Stamp - his first win was the 1997-1998 stamp featuring a majestic solitary Canada goose. Hautman credits his success to the influence of his parents and a supportive family environment. His mother Elaine is an accomplished painter; and his late father Tom bestowed on his family a love of the outdoors and a commitment to wildlife conservation. Jim Hautman's work has been displayed in the Oval Office of the White House, the Smithsonian Institution, the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum, and in public and private collections throughout the world. In 1990, he became the youngest artist ever to win the prestigious Federal Duck Stamp Competition. In 2003, Jim and his brothers, Robert and Joe, were commissioned by the United Nations to paint a series of 12 designs featuring endangered species from around the world. Whether you are enjoying The Legacy Hautman Brothers Songbird Calendar or The Legacy Hautman Brothers Wildlife Calendar, we know you will appreciate the devotion these talented and renowned artists have for conserving and celebrating nature, in all of its majestic glory. ©Hautman Brothers, courtesy MHS Licensing
Designs by Hautman Brothers