Annie LaPoint

Annie LaPoint loved to draw and paint at an early age. In high school she loved her art classes and received private art instruction as a teenager. In 1991, soon after the birth of her third child, Annie began to study the technique of watercolor at a local art league. Her instructor’s focus was on painting landscape, but from the beginning all Annie wanted to paint were clay pots of ivy and flowers! Her passion for gardening is reflected in all of her artwork. Annie is best known for her rich watercolors of mossy terracotta pots and urns filled with ivy topiaries, flowering bulbs and blooms of all kinds. If you look carefully you will find a scripture reference from the Bible tucked away in every painting. Annie says, “Each verse from God’s Word, that I hide in my paintings, is like a treasure that must be found. By including a scripture in my artwork, I share with you a part of God’s Word and also, it is a way I can give each painting back to the Lord, God, who is the Greatest Artist of all!”
Designs by Annie LaPoint