Marla Rae

After over 30 years, Marla Rae Anders of Hastings, NE is going back to her roots...her artistic roots. Marla has been using her creative abilities in ways to help out whatever the cause, as she and her husband Brian have always been in the 'Gift Industry' business. Together they have produced everything from wood items, jewelry, gourmet food items, candles and more. A few years ago Marla started her own little side business called "Plaid Couch Designs", mainly to help others with graphic design work including designing logos, business cards and the like. She and Brian also continue to host the annual Barn Festival in Hastings, a big arts and crafts event that people have been attending since 1994. After raising three children in the home business, and selling the Barn Candle Company, Marla is excited about returning to her artistic roots. "I am so happy to be doing what I passionately LOVE (next to hanging out with great friends and family)”!
Designs by Marla Rae