Teresa Kogut

Entering the studio of Michigan artist, Teresa Kogut, is a venture into fun. The smiles that come to your face stay the entire time. The studio is a kaleidoscope of teddy bears, polar bears, Santas, angels, and all the wonderful images in her head coming to life. Her wealth of ideas come from a wide variety of things and places, from her summer vacations in Missouri to her family’s fishing trips to Canada, from her parents and siblings to her two young sons. All provide her with inspiration and motivation to make her role in art based licensing such a huge success. With two young boys keeping her constantly on the go, Teresa has found the perfect time to paint between midnight and 3 in the morning. Once the boys are up in the morning, she finds less time to herself, knowing how quickly they grow. It brings a smile to her face when they join her in the studio to “paint just like Mommy.” The creations of Kyle and Ryan adorn her wall and are her favorite works of art. Next to her faith and her love for her family, Teresa cherishes all the time she gets to devote to art. Her experience of running her own company has certainly contributed to her understanding of what it takes to get a product to market. She appreciates the time, energy and expense of developing new products from licensed art and believes it takes a partnership between herself, her agent, and the manufacturer to succeed. Her real desire is to brighten the day of each person that buys a Teresa Kogut product by bringing a smile to their face and a lift to their heart. Teresa never remembers a time that she didn’t have a pencil or crayon in her hand, always dreaming of becoming an artist. After earning a Fine Arts degree, she continued to take classes and to learn new techniques. She fell in love with watercolors and the rest is “history.” Her lifelong love of primitive art had a huge impact on her and her artwork and has helped to make Teresa one of the most popular primitive folk artists in the country today. Teresa Kogut's artwork is licensed through Linda McDonald, Inc.
Designs by Teresa Kogut