Josephine Kimberling

My artistic talent has been cultivated through 10 years in the fashion industry, by creating hundreds of patterns for Nordstrom product lines, as well as designing my own prints for sale worldwide through a well-known art representative in London. Along with my work in the fashion industry, I have designed stationery and gift-wrap products for one of the most well known card manufacturers in the world – Hallmark. Almost five years ago I decided it was time to embark on a new journey. I left the fast-paced fashion world I had dedicated 10 years of my life to, to follow my dreams and pursue a more curated life, where I could be intentional about what I create and stretch myself to learn and grow each day towards things that are important to me. Two weeks after my last day, I exhibited at Surtex, a major art tradeshow in NYC. I didn’t know where this next step would take me, but I knew following my dreams was necessary and would be worth it. Thankfully, the great response I’d received to my work officially launched my business and set me on a new path that I was curious to explore and grow in to. The core of my business is a commitment to creating quality artwork based on my background of fashion-based trend research. I pour my heart into my work and strive to do the best I can with the talents I’ve been given. With that, my desire is that my work, with an attention to detail and design, will communicate to you that you are valued and worth it. I strive to work with companies who create products with these values as well, because it’s not about creating more products. It’s about adding value, inspiration, beauty and passion to your life and to the world. Now, I am 5 years in to pursuing my big dream – making a living from my art and doing what I love most. I enjoy working with companies in a variety of industries to help beautify products and am always looking for new ways to expand my reach. My artwork can be found in boutique and specialty stores, online, and in select mass retailers across the world. My work has appeared on fabrics, stationery, home décor, wall art, fashion accessories, tabletop, gift products – and even cake! I currently live in the Seattle area of Washington State where you can mostly find me glued to my studio working on some creative project and listening to an audio book. When I venture out, you can find me shopping, exploring my city by discovering new coffee shops and boutiques, and spending time with my favorite person in the world, my husband of 14 years, Jake.
Designs by Josephine Kimberling