David Harden

When people think of primitive American folk artist David Harden, one thing usually comes to mind."He has to be really old". Though he isn't a spring chicken, David seems to enjoy thoughts of the "old days" when things were so much simpler. "I love thinking about the days before cell phones and computers and I try to convey that in my folk art. Maybe it can bring comfort to someone when life's stresses seem to be more than they can handle. If I can make at least one person happy, God's plan for me has succeeded." Being self taught and starting a career in folk art at the age of 10, David has never forgotten his roots. "There are so many people to thank for making my career possible but in reality and in true honesty, it is God who gets the credit. He gave me a talent and a whole lot of determination to put that talent to use!" David's first experience in retail began when, at age 10, he would set displays of his work at garage sales and craft fairs. "I would set up my own little table and was always amazed that my things sold so quickly. I knew then that I had to be the luckiest man alive!" That retail experience drove him to open his own retail store a mere 11 years later. Today, you can view his creations at his shoppe, celebrating 20 years this year and named appropriately "David's". David is now blessed with the opportunity most artists dream of. His work has evolved from painting to designing for many of the nation's largest manufacturers. Wallpaper, dinnerware, textiles and home accessories are just a few of the items David has leant his talents and these items are being distributed world wide. "My funniest moment was when we received a phone call from a wonderful lady in Australia. She was desperate to find a way to carry my folk art. Can you imagine the joy I felt knowing that this goober, born in Waverly, Ohio, was being sought after from so far away!? Heck, I still get tickled when someone visits the retail store and tells us that they saw my work while visiting Florida, California or Virginia so you can imagine the feeling when someone called from another country!" "I truly would not have a career that I love, or a career PERIOD, if it weren't for people who have supported me all these years. They believed in me when I wasn't so sure about what direction I should go. They saw a bigger picture when I didn't. They believed in me when I doubted myself. I will NEVER forget that. I will always remember my roots. If you forget to take care of the roots, your whole plant will die." ©David Harden
Designs by David Harden