About Legacy

It’s been a year of discovery and innovation here at Legacy! We've launched a whole new line, called Prayer Life, featuring faith filled products with the added dimension of a unique online interactive experience, created especially to lift you up and enrich your life. It’s a fresh new offering, including unique interactive Prayer Journals, Share-It cards to share faith and encouragement, Greeting Cards that include a little gift, and faithful ways to plan out your week. Connecting you with a gallery of images you can pin, music playlists and inspiring videos, guided prayer and interactive journaling, there’s so much to discover and experience. We’re hoping it becomes just one more way that Legacy can reach out and make life just a little bit better!

Love, Pat and Pete, Pam and Tim, Cathy and Carlos

From the beginning, Legacy has been rooted in family. When David Dunn first launched his book repair business, Dunn & Company, he had no idea that one day it would lead to the creation of Legacy Publishing Group. In fact, Legacy owes its entire conception to the creativity of Dave and his three daughters, Mary Pat, Pam, and Cathy. As the story goes, as Dave’s business began to accumulate more work, the family was left with the challenge of having to dispose of tens of thousands of discarded book covers. As an avid environmentalist, this was unacceptable to Dave Dunn. Instead, Mary Pat, Pam, and Cathy suggested turning the book covers into coasters. A few missteps and a die-cut machine later, Legacy Publishing Group was born!
Over 25 years later, Legacy is a far cry from that tiny company producing repurposed coasters. Through the hard work of its employees, Legacy has become a leader in the social expressions industry, offering a full line of high-quality greeting cards and fine paper-based gift products. And as the company has grown, so has the family. However, no matter how many things change, one thing will always remain…Legacy will never forget its roots.