V. Dvorak

Vicki Dvorak is an artist and photographer from Seattle, Washington. Her Father was a forest ranger and instilled in her a keen sense of wonder and an appreciation for beauty. As a child she entertained herself endlessly with drawing, painting and creativity. Years later Vicki was diagnosed with a serious illness and it became difficult for her to hold a full time job. She started a color consulting business and started a blog as a way to promote her work. While observing all of the great images on the internet, she decided to pick up a camera and try her hand at photography. After uploading her images to an online gallery, she began to receive recognition and requests to publish her photos. Vicki’s pastel images have a soft whimsical quality, reminiscent of simpler times and carefree summer days. ©V. Dvorak/Art in Motion
Designs by V. Dvorak