Peter Frederick

Peter is a self-taught watercolor painter who focuses primarily on the landscapes of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Though he began painting in 1999, four young children and a busy career as a landscape designer prevented him from painting seriously until 2009. He is drawn to subjects that possess a nostalgic quality and/or subjects with bold contrasting values. Peter's work typically does not contain a message or a particular statement about life and politics. Rather, he is content when the viewer lingers in front of a piece, enjoying it. Often, Peter is told by his viewers and collectors that his paintings remind them of something from their past. Demand for Peter's work is building as he continues to show his work at invitational exhibits and win awards in juried competitions. Peter is signature member of the Philadelphia Water Color Society, the Ohio Watercolor Society, and others. ©2015, Peter Frederick, license granted by Penny Lane Publishing, Inc.
Designs by Peter Frederick