Nigel Hemming

Nigel Hemming is undoubtedly one of the country’s most successfully wildlife artists. Born in Worcestershire his career has been well documented with transition through the media of watercolor, oil and finally pastel which the firmly believes suites his style of painting. Nigel’s work, whether portraying with a unique skill, dogs, or capturing the atmosphere of natural wildlife and the habitat, is renowned for its fineness of technique and unparalleled attention to detail. Nigel’s work has been published in limited edition form for over ten years with each successive edition proving more popular. His editions have featured alongside extensive collection of original paintings in several major exhibitions. His work is collected throughout the UK, Europe and USA. Nigel is a devotee of the countryside and all it holds. New projects and subject mater are thoroughly investigated with field trips enabling the artist to gain a sense of atmosphere and sketch background details and notes. It is because of this research that the work of Hemming accurately lives and supercedes a mere recording of a scene or subject. ©Nigel Hemming/Art Licensing
Designs by Nigel Hemming