Lezlee Elliot

Lezlee Elliott Tsai knew from an early age that art was her destination in life, a belief she has exercised since the age of four. Lezlee has defined her career in versatility. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, she immediately entered the professional design world. Before she struck out on her own, she was a graphic designer, painter and photographer. It was during her time as an art director where Lezlee realized how much she enjoyed product design and she was inspired to branch out on her own as a licensed illustrator. Her designs were consistently becoming the top-selling product released. This success is the root of her brand. She endeavored to launch the lezleelliott brand, a distinctive line of trendy, fashion-forward and widely appealing illustrations, patterns and designs for everyday products. Simply put, Lezlee wanted to “make products that I would want to buy.” By combining on-trend ideas with a modern design approach, she has done just that. ©lezleelliot
Designs by Lezlee Elliot