Karen Rossi

Connecticut artist, Karen Rossi, is known for her whimsical metal scuptures of people, places and things. The smallest original versions of her sculptures are called "Short Stories" because they can be personalized to tell the story of a person's profession, hobbies and family. Karen's Flight Au Naturel designs are meticulously recreated in Thailand with traditional metalworking practices. 100% hand made, the Thai artists are fairwage earners. Their studios are spread across several northern communities and they remain working in their villages amongst their families.

Born in New England, Karen believes that her fascination with "Yankee" yarns, together with figural ship embellishments and weathervanes, has inspired her. In particular, a remembrance of a flying Gabriel with her flowing dress on an antique vessel was most impactful as she developed her style.

Designs by Karen Rossi