John Jones

John Jones first picked up photography as a hobby. In the early stages those around him quickly noticed his creativity and true passion for taking photographs was going to go beyond being a new way of enjoyment. Today you will find a collection of photography depicting his love for nature and human emotion. He has several nautical and coastal pieces as well as many floral themes. His photography all ties in with John’s love to travel. Through his underwater photography he brings images to aquatic life. On land he has the ability to find the most hidden treasures of an abandoned structure or the simple beauty of a landscape that we might take for granted in every day life. Through his career he has mastered the complexity of “infra-red” film, which has become one of his favorite ways to translate romance and life through the lens of a camera. John continually travels and challenges himself to bring photography that you will enjoy as part of your art collection for years to come.
Designs by John Jones