Annie Meussen

Annie was inspired as a young girl by the drawings of her father, when they sat together sketching at the kitchen table, working with a pencil and paper. From him she received her first professional drawing lessons. After a long period of writing, sending sketches, argumentation, critical self-reflection and growing self-esteem, the Dutch Association for Nature Preservation bought six of her water-color paintings and published them in 1990 as a series of double cards. Since these early days she has endeavoured in a multitude of projects, varying from gift and Christmas cards, stationery, calendars, book illustrations in children’s books and nature studies, as well as water-color and oil paintings. Her drawing table at her home is the center of her life. Surrounded by pencils, paper, paint brushes, paint, photographs of her loved ones, fragments of animals and flowers, she submerges in her own world, giving way to her creativity. Nature in all its facets is her primary source of inspiration. Flowers, birds, grasses, insects, herbs, the changing of the seasons, bird nests, animal skeletons, bird eggs, and so on. She is also very fond of drawing children, in every aspect, being inspired by her own five grandchildren that lighten up her life and bring her joy and happiness. Her work encompasses a wide variety of techniques. First of all her primary artistic fascination is the detailed drawing and coloring of nature subjects like flowers and birds. But she also likes to make casted colored objects and abstract paintings.
Designs by Annie Meussen